I am still buzzing from the beautiful hang at last weekend's Saxophone Symposium at UMass.  I've whipped up this page to share some goodies with all of the saxophonists past and present who've passed through Lynn Klock's teaching studio (and lived to tell about it).  :-)


Sparkle! for saxophone choir

Thank you so much for being a part of the reading session at Symposium last weekend.  It was truly an amazing experience to hear so many wonderful musicians read this little piece of mine.

I invite you to download the parts and score for Sparkle and read it with your own students or friends (if you happen to have 9 other sax-playing friends).

1. Let me know if you download it - I'd love to hear from you.

2. Kindly don't share these files - they're for my UMass friends old and new.  I will eventually publish and sell this work.

3. Enjoy!

Sparkle! for solo saxophone

And, if you want something to read on your own, here is what amounts to a sketch of the up-tempo part of Sparkle.  

Same requests as for the full Sax Choir version above.


Silent Night reading in room 44

Hirsch's 1-man Saxophone Quartets (and more...)

You can see more information on all of my saxophone quartet music here: