SAXDOM: Sax Pistols (UK), SaxWorx (TX)

Just received word about some Saxophone Quartet performances of HirschMusic.

First, the UK-based Sax Pistols has been performing Cityscapes. They played mvt.II last week at the Royal Albert Hall (pictured), and plan to play the whole megilla today at Portcullis House, both in London. Thanks to saxophonist-educator Ben Drouet, the Sax Pistols' coach, for keeping me in the loop.  I hope to hear a bootleg recording soon!

And, is it me, or do the British always come up with the best band names? 

*  *  *

From the British Isles to the Republic of Texas... 

And Skip Martin just informed me that his Houston-based quartet will be performing my Silent Night arrangement. This Dec. 5th gig sounds like a goodie: The Kindred Spirits' 3rd Annual Judy Garland Christmas Show and Sing-Along.  

Man, even the event names are bigger in Texas. 

Break a leg, SaxWorx, and thanks for the tip, Skip!

* * * 

Incidentally, it's not too late to work Silent Night into your quartet's Holiday Repertoire.  It's an easy one to put together, it's great sounding, and it's a bargain at $9 for an instant download!

Posted on November 17, 2010 and filed under News & Performances.