Save Time + $$ with Instant Downloads

All of my publications for Saxophone Quartet, Jazz Combo, and Jazz 'Bones are available for purchase as instant downloads.  So, if you gotta have one (or more!) of these charts right now (and why wouldn't you?), then you can have it! 

When you click a button like this: , you will go to a check-out page for E-Junkie.  E-junkie is the shopping cart service that I use only to sell these instant-download PDFs.  You can then pay with your credit card or PayPal account.  Lastly, you'll be sent a download link where you can download the PDFs for the parts & score you just purchased.  Viola! 

These are the exact same PDFs you'd receive if you were to click instead.  Except, when you click this yellowish button, you will have to wait for me to email you the files, which might take a day or two.


Save a couple bucks, too

All Download Now items are discount-priced. Note, for instance, that you have three purchasing options for my saxophone quartet work Cityscapes.

Choose option 3 ($35) if you want the real-deal, printed sheet music delivered to your door, and you don't mind waiting a couple of weeks.

Choose option 2 ($28) if you want the PDFs, and don't mind waiting a day or two.

Choose option 1 ($25) if you want the PDFs, and you want them right now.  And, if you want to save $10 off of the printed price.


So, what are ya waiting for?  Go download some good old-fashioned HirschMusic, by golly!





Posted on December 30, 2011 and filed under News & Performances, Publications.