Plays Well With Self?

I just finished tracking Whatever Stan Wants.  This is a newish piece for saxophone quartet, and like Mancini Digs That Mambo, I recorded all four parts.

But, I think there were some lessons learned from the first go-round. Namely, the use of a scratch track.  That is, I created a score reduction into a single saxophone part, played on tenor. The idea is that this part represents the entire tune, more or less, and can serve as the musical center that the individual parts could relate to.

While recording the bari, sop, and alto parts, I heard this scratch track in my headphones. Then I finally recorded the actual tenor part last and discarded the scratch track.

This turned out to be a huge help!  In fact, as I listen to the playback, there's a decent sense of cohesiveness, especially with the collective sense of timing, as well as with the passing-the-baton melodic fragments.

Here's the SCORE


Here's the COMPOSITE PART mp3

Here's the ROUGH MIX mp3 of the full quartet


My sincere thanks to Scott Smith of SAS MULTIMEDIA for his excellent recording work!!

Posted on September 9, 2011 and filed under Arranging & Composing, Audio & Video, Random/Miscellaneous.