The Sax Pistols is an outstanding young saxophone quartet in Norhthamptonshire, England.  I believe their members are in the 16-19 year-old range.  And, boy can they play, and with style and depth.

Anyhoo, they were kind and generous enough to commission a new work from me.  If you're interested, here's a preview, hot off the presses.

A bit about the piece:  it's kind of an Irish Reel (dance), in flavor and form.  And it's kind of not.  It has been planned as one movement of a forthcoming suite entitled Folkdance.  Two more movements exist in rough sketches, but I'm not quite sure when they will be completed.  [Of course, if someone wants to commission their completion, it might happen sooner... :-) ]

I've got a Finale mp3 which, incidentally, completely disregards the oh-so-importand accelerando at about the 3:30 mark.  Oh well - you can use your imagination until the Pistols send me a human recording of one of their performances.

Oh yeah - it's a fun one!



Posted on May 31, 2013 and filed under News & Performances.