One from the Archives...


Marko Marcinko, drums; Tony Marino, bass; Hirsch, alto
recorded at Red Rock Studio in May, 2004 

Listen to Full Track & Download Leadsheet HERE

I was thinking that it might be kind of cool to play a jazz tune that falls in what I refer to as "The Jewish Mode."  Kind of that exotic, middle-eastern sound, right?  

Since I couldn't find anything in the Real Book (ha ha), I worked through some ideas until Mirage emerged in 2003.  I used it with my trio at the time with drummer Aaron Burkle and bassist Drew Menzies (RIP).  It seemed to work well but, for one reason or another, fell out of the rotation.

About a year ago I resurrected and freshened it up a bit as a sextet tune.  I'll hunt around to see if I have a half-decent bootleg to post some time this fall.


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