Omnibook YouTube project

Hi, all

In attempt to help out some of my students—and any other aspiring beboppers—I've begun compiling a YouTube playlist of the source recordings used for the Charlie Parker Omnibook.

I've managed to find the correct recordings for 54 of the 60 Omni-tunes. I've found alternate recordings for another 2 or 3. They're listed in book-order in the playlist. 

Here are the missing tunes:

  • Cosmic Rays
  • Kim No.1
  • Card Board
  • Anthropology (alternate Bird recording included in playlist)
  • Chi Chi (alternate Bird recording included in playlist)
  • Passport (Eddie Daniels clarinet recording included in playlist)

1. Can you help me locate (or can you upload) good source recording-videos for these six tunes?
2. I have not tested fully, but at first glance it appears that about 1/3 of the videos I've included are not mobile-friendly. Can you help me locate mobile-friendly videos as needed?
3. Any other suggestions?

~ Rick

Posted on June 19, 2013 and filed under Teaching.