Free Chart Offer ("P.O., G.O.")

Play One, Get One

There's an offer I want to make.  It’s basically a thank-you for performing this music that I write. Here’s the deal: if your band performs one of my tunes for the right audience, I’ll send you another chart of your choice for free.  So, “play one, get one.”

By “right audience” I mean: an audience of musicians and music teachers.  That is, potential performers of this music, folks who might hear this music and think "that's pretty cool... I'd like to play that with my band."

Here's an example

Say you’re a high school jazz band director — or, even a student in the jazz band. — and you perform one of these tunes at an adjudication festival.  That qualifies. 

Or, say you’re that same high school director and your band plays at your State Mus Ed convention, like PMEA here in Pennsylvania.  Or at MidWest Band and Orchestra clinic... that’s all good with me.

Another scenario

Say you play in or coach a saxophone quartet that performs at some sort of University saxophone day, like the New England Saxophone Symposium that Lynn Klock has every year at UMass, or at a regional NASA conference, or the US Navy Band Symposium in DC.  That’d work for me, too.

One more scenario

You’re a college jazz band director and your band performs at a festival...that’d count.  It could be at a competitive festival like Elmhurst or Notre Dame.... it could be as the guest band at a high school festival... it could be right on your campus, some sort of recruiting day where you have several regional HS jazz bands there.  Like, the Great Plains Festival at the University of Nebraska–Omaha, or the TallCorn Festival at University of Northern Iowa.

So, why am I making this offer?

In a nutshell, it's because I’m a small-time, one-man operation.  I’m not even a mom-and-pop publisher...I’m just pop. I don’t have a $50,000 marketing budget.  I have a YouTube marketing budget. 

So, you may not think of it this way, but when you perform one of my tunes, you’re doing a little bit of advertising for me.  You’re helping get the word out about this composer guy from Pennsylvania who’s writing some pretty cool stuff.

Of course, when you play something by John Clayton or Gordon Goodwin or Mike Mower, you’re advertising for them, too.  But, from me you can get a personal thank-you.  :-)  And a thank-you gift in the way of a complimentary piece of music.

So, if you’re crafty, you can download this chart for free, have  your combo perform it at a festival, then contact me for another free chart.  It’s a loophole I’m aware of, and I’m OK with it, for now.

PDF footnote

One thing I want to be clear about is that your free chart will be a PDF via email, even if the chart you perform was purchased in the classic, old-skool printed format.  This way you can have the music right away, print as many copies as you need for your band, and I don't lose my shirt on printing and shipping costs.


Posted on January 3, 2012 and filed under News & Performances, Publications.