Caught in the act


Occasionally I get called to play in the backup band when touring acts come through town. Last month I played in the horn section for the Chicago-based Under the Streetlamp, an excellent 50s-70s musical review, in nearby Williamsport, PA. 

It was a fun gig, playing very well-written (and legible!) horn charts, juggling tenor, bari, and alto saxes.  Thank heavens there was no clarinet.

The touring musicians were very chill and were slammin' players, the M.D. was totally on the ball, and the front-men were top-notch, all alumni of Jersey Boys.

A friend of mine (and the trombonist on the gig) pointed out this short phone-vid from our gig.  It's good enough that I can actually document to my mom and dad that I really do work for a living... :-)  (Just teasing, Mom and Dad!)

Posted on November 24, 2012 and filed under Audio & Video, News & Performances.