campus sounds: U of Kentucky

Just received the following note from UK jazz studies chief Miles Osland:

Hey Rick:

I brought out Catch Me again w/UKJE and we just performed it last night.  It may end up being one of the tunes that I take on tour to Europe next summer!

We're having fun with it - burning tempo - maybe some of the "effects" don't work as well at the extreme tempo, but its fun and exciting!

Hope you like it!


Miles wasn't kidding when he mentioned that they play this chart at a "burning tempo."  What a treat to hear this interpretation!  I was tickled with the added bombast (is that a word?) of the drums in the run-up following the shout chorus.  Great performance, Wildcats!  

Take a listen to their concert tape:

Check out the Full Score & U of Northern Iowa's interpretation here.

Posted on November 8, 2010 and filed under News & Performances.