Campus Sounds: SQ & BB

Miles Osland is one of the finest "saxophone switch-hitters" around.  He'll be presenting a workshop on this very subject (i.e. successful performing in the Classical & Jazz id ioms) tomorrow during the annual Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in Chicago. 

And, as it so happens, Miles' Osland Saxophone Quartet will be performing my Lake Shore Drive, which is the first movement of my quartet Cityscapes.

Here's an excerpt of the OSQ's recording.  

You can hear their entire take & download the score here.


As promised, the Bucknell University Jazz Band performed Great Big Ball with a Map Wrapped Around It during their November concert. Bucknell is a fantastic liberal arts school in North Central Pennsylvania.  The ensemble is primarily comprised of non-music majors.

Many thanks to director Barry Long who emailed me the concert recording. Here's an excerpt of their Great Big Ball... performance.  Well done, jazzy Bisons!

Listen to my full recording & download score here.


Remember: be sure to let me know when you and your ensemble play some HirschMusic!  

And, I'm always up for listening to your concert bootleg, or checking out the YouTube vid.


Posted on December 16, 2010 and filed under News & Performances.