Bohemian Rhapsody is coming!

The long-and-short of it:

After 8 years of asking, Hal Leonard has granted me license to publish my jazz ensemble arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody.

This calls for a major woo-hoo!



A timeline

2002:  thought it'd be cool to arrange Bo Rhap for jazz ensemble.  But I couldn't figure out how to do it without having it sound like musak.

2004:  I figured it out.

2005: started performing said arr. with my local big band, the Valley Jazz Orchestra.  Bo Rhap soon became a staple of our repertoire.  I shared the chart with a couple of friends—not realizing at the time that this was unlawful.  One of them actually used this chart with a couple of All-State Jazz bands he directed!  (thanks, M.O.!)

2005 or 2006:  I contacted Hal Leonard seeking permission to self-publish.  Request denied.

2007:  I sent Brian May (Queen's guitarist!) a bootleg recording of the chart.  He listened, and wrote me back.

2006-present:  I've received loads of requests for this music from people I don't know, but who found the bootleg recording buried in my website.  I've denied every request, because I did not have permission to distribute.

2012:  Doggone it, already!  I decided to contact Hal Leonard again, after redoing my web store.

2013:  Asked permission once again.  Was denied.  I responded with, in a nutshell, "Pretty Please, with sugar on top?".  THEY SAID YES!

So now what?

I have to tweak the parts and score, prepare them for printing, get the proper © notice, etc.  Then, start selling these charts.

I figure, even if I simply break even on the licensing and printing costs, I'm thrilled to be finally getting this chart out there!  (Of course, I'd be even thrilled-er if I were to make a little profit...).

I'll keep you posted. :-)

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