Bird-Diz-Monk - they still got it!

When I was first really getting into playing jazz as a teenager, I become obsessed with the Charlie Parker Omnibook.  Consequently, I spent a lot of time listening to Charlie Parker.

But, as time passed I got into other musicians, and my Bird-listening went on the back-burner.  Until recently.

On a whim, I picked up one of those "Essential Charlie Parker" CDs -- I had previewed it on Amazon and it sounded like a good one, both in track selection and recording/remastering quality.  And it was issued by Verve, so felt good about its potential.  (This is the one I got).

In short, it has been a joy to listen to.  I'm hearing with new ears tunes I spent a lot of time with 25 years ago, like Bloomdido and Au Privave.  I'm also enjoying a couple of the tracks I hadn't heard before, notably Relaxin' with Lee.

It sounds like Relaxin' is a blowing session on the changes to Stompin' at the Savoy.  I wasn't aware before of Bird using Stompin', but it makes sense that he did.

Anyhow, Bird sounds fantastic, playing melodic lines that I hadn't heard on his other recordings, and his tone quality is quite rich sounding.  Diz's playing is characteristically fun.  But, the kicker for me is Thelonious Monk's chorus, which begins at about 1:30.  His lines are SO funny to me, and are even more wonderful, as they follow Bird and Diz.

It's totally worth a listen.  And, bless YouTube once again, I found the same recording here:

Posted on November 14, 2012 and filed under Audio & Video, Random/Miscellaneous.