Are you hip to auto-rip?

A week or two ago I bought 2 CDs (yes CDs) on Amazon:  Up From The Skies (Vanguard Jazz Orch / McNeely) and Horace Silver's Cape Verdean Blues.  After I completed the transaction I received an email from Amazon telling me that Cape Verdean Blues was one of their AutoRip CDs, and that I could download the mp3s to my Amazon player toute suite.

Toot sweet, indeed!  I got to have a whole extra week of this digital album before the CD even arrived.  And, then I didn't need to import it to iTunes.  No extra charge.  This is a nice, customer-friendly feature.  Huzzah to Amazon!

BTW, I'm probably to last guy to get into Horace Silver.  But, if you're actually the last guy (or gal), this album is worth checking out, as is Song for My Father.  I'm finally seeing that Horace Silver is a deep dude and quite singular as a composer and pianist.

Incidentally, here's the image from the Amazon store.  Note the "AutoRip" logo in the lower right.

Here's the link on Amazon.

Posted on June 11, 2013 and filed under Random/Miscellaneous.