Saharan Indie Rock, for jazz ensemble

 photograph ©  Frans Lemmens

photograph © Frans Lemmens

Major new work for jazz ensemble

Mirage is more than just a big band chart. It's an compelling ten-minute tone poem that stretches musicians and thrills audiences. The evocative nature of Mirage led to its being named winner of the 2015 Ithaca College Jazz Ensemble Composition Contest (professional division).

This major new work imagines a caravan plodding through the vast desert. They stumble across Eden. And then it's gone.

In short, you have not heard a jazz ensemble work like this before. There are several woodwind doubles — but all of them can be covered by saxophones using the alternate parts included with then set. And the brass ranges are surprisingly modest for a work of this nature. It's certainly playable by top-tier high school bands.

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Posted on August 25, 2015 .