Beam Me Up.

Well, if your school doesn't happen to have a holodeck, you can still have me in your rehearsal room.

All you need is a laptop, an external mic, a projector and a screen. And, oh, an ensemble playing some music I wrote, too.

I've had some excellent beta-testing Skype sessions with school jazz bands in Toronto, Colorado, Minnesota, Omaha, and other places - without even leaving my office. (Truth be told, I'd rather work with everyone in person, but this isn't a bad plan B).

Here is some of the feedback I've gotten:

"It was really cool to use technology to enable us actually to talk to someone who wrote the music we're playing. It was a cool way to prepare for our concert."
—Highlands Ranch HS jazz band member

“Mr. Hirsch was really nice, understanding, and helpful...and really funny.”
—Luke Heitman, Ada-Borup HS jazz band

"We're already talking with Mr. Larsen about doing another Rick Hirsch chart so we can do another video conference with him."
—Highlands Ranch HS jazz band member (NOTE: I swear I did not pay her to say that!)

"I applaud Mr. Hirsch for making himself and his music accessible to band students around the country, especially those in rural communities such as ours."
—Rich Tuttle, Ada-Borup HS band director


Posted on March 4, 2015 .