Have it BOTH ways...

 mmm...Choco-Bebop Cake

mmm...Choco-Bebop Cake

You have three format choices when you purchase music through this site:

  1. PDF — instant download
  2. Printed — professionally printed editions, sent to you through the mail
  3. Both — get the printed version plus the PDF backups

Here's the deal:

PDFs and Printed are priced the same for every tune. This is the standard within the sheet music biz, as each format has its own value and notable advantages. 

The Printed + PDF option (in the "Select Format" drop-down menu) includes an additional $5 charge, regardless of cost of music. When you choose this option, I will mail you the printed music. I will also email you a download link for your PDFs.

We call this having your cake and eating it, too.

Posted on June 6, 2014 .