1st Free-Chart-Friday

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Bringing Jazzy Music to the People...

I know that there are other musicians out there who share my (somewhat quirky) taste in music:

We dig Jazz (or jazzy) music that is vibrant, personal, groovy, surprising, and often fun.  And, decidedly not academic, formulaic jazz.

And, it is my aim to get some good music on the music stands of these kindred souls. (My people...)


Can we talk?

Let's not download free lead sheets in the dead of night and be done with it.

Let's talk.

Let's commune about the music we dig. Let's get into the processes of creating music, re-imagining music, and re-interpreting music.


Won't you be my lab rat?

Look: this whole thing is an experiment. I do not know where this effort will lead. But, I'm glad you're in on it.


Posted on June 20, 2014 and filed under Free Downloads, News & Performances.