To the Batcave, ALFRED (?)

For almost 20 years I've been seeking publication by a major publishing house.  

In fact, my first publisher was Walrus Music, a well-known publisher of upper-level jazz ensemble music.  They have an amazing roster of composers, and I was with them for a good 15 years from 1995-2010.  The folks at Walrus were lovely, but for an assortment of reasons, my charts did not sell well.  

So, I (reluctantly) removed them from their catalog and started HirschMusic Publications. 

But, I still had my sights on publishing with one of the big boys, so I continued having conversations with editors at Hal Leonard and Alfred, the two biggest boys.  Well, sure enough, about a year ago Alfred's jazz editor Pete BarenBregge invited me to publish a couple of my existing titles.  (I think I was like water on a stone, finally wearing him down...).

Anyhow, I had never worked with an editor before.  You know: someone who reviews your scores and makes suggestions for improvement.  I have to say, Pete's ideas are sound and I wholeheartedly believe that these charts are better because of his input.

And, if this isn't cool enough, I believe two or three of these new Alfred titles have received "Editor's Choice" recognition in JW Pepper's 2014 catalog.  Nice!

So, I'll let you listen to the charts here, and give you a link to Pepper's catalog if you'd like to find out more info.

Let My People Go
grade 1 
Funky Cha Cha


Chili Today, Hot Tamale
grade 2
Mambo-like goodness


Comfort and Joy
grade 3
Christmas Carol (Merry Gentlemen)


Posted on May 23, 2014 and filed under News & Performances.