Silent Night en masse, at UMass

50? 60? 75 saxophonists?  I didn't get a headcount, but there were a heckuva lot of us playing at once.

On March 7-8 the New England Saxophone Symposium paid tribute to Lynn Klock's legacy of 3+ decades of saxophone professordom at UMass-Amherst.  After about 9 hours of alumni and student performances (which were a blast - a wonderful love-fest, indeed!), we capped things off with a mass saxophone choir reading session.

Among other things, we performed my quartet arrangement of Silent Night (watch the video above).  We also did a nice reading of my new work for saxophone choir, Sparkle!, which was written expressly for this occasion.  (I hope to get a recording of that one some time, too).

Mr. Klock, incidentally, is the soprano player in black, just left of center in the image above.  It was a joyous weekend - glad to share a little bit of it here.

Posted on April 5, 2014 .