5 horns goin' a capella

A self-proclaimed "Chamber Jazz Horn Section," the Phoenix Horns have commissioned a half-dozen composer-arrangers of national repute to write an album's worth of music for them:

Steve Wiest (Maynard, UNT 1:00 director)  •  Mike Crotty  (Airmen of Note) 

Kim Richmond  (Stan Kenton, Louis Bellson, Bill Holman)  •  Stan Bann (Twin Cities fixture)

Bob Freedman  (7 Grammy nominations as arranger!)  •  Rick Hirsch (yours truly)


Anyhow, this adventurous Phoenix, AZ-based group is getting ready to do some serious studio time to produce an album of all this wonderful new music.  They're seeking assistance with their recording and production costs through a nice Kickstarter campaign, which will be open for the next couple of weeks, yet.

But enough of my chitter-chatter already, watch for yourself:

Posted on February 9, 2014 .