New Big Band music on the way

In August I assembled a fabuloso group of Pennsylvania musicians to record some big band tunes. They nailed down six charts in a day — no small feat for a session with no real rehearsal, playing music that isn't quite formulaic.

The personnel on this session was stellar. The ensemble playing was excellent, the soloists top-notch, and everyone was gracious with their time and talents.  Oh, what musicians won't do for a good spread of food on a Wednesday morning/afternoon...

My accomplices:
saxes: Curtis Johnson (alto, sop), Matt Donovan (alto), Tim Powell (tenor), Jonathan Ragonese (tenor), Kevin Supina (bari)
trumpets/flugels: Eddie Severn, Dale Orris, Barry Long, Jeff Smith
trombones: Paul Leskowicz, Mark Lusk (tenor & bass)
rhythm: Steve Rudolph (piano), Bob Insko (bass), Aaron Kimmel (drums)

We recorded at Dave Villani's studio in Altoona.  Dave's an amazing engineer — and a real-deal jazz pianist/composer in his own right.  So, right off the bat, he knows how a big band is supposed to sound.

Here are excerpts of these six tunes:

So far, I've posted ‹‹Great Big Ball with a Map Wrapped Around It››. You can listen to the entire track and download the free score here.

How does these sound to you so far? I'd like your feedback/comments.


Posted on November 2, 2010 .