Rick Hirsch's Big Ol' Band

A Little Pocono Git-Down  (working title for album)



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Giddyup! (2015)    LIVE    |    FINALE

A Little Pocono Git-Down (2015)    LIVE

Piazzolla's Ghost (2015)    LIVE    |    FINALE  --- I'm considering retitling this one...something a little more playful alluding to a ghost or apparition

Metroliner (2015)    LIVE    |    FINALE

Mambo Over the Mountain (2016)    LIVE    |    FINALE

The Old Chief's Lookout (2016)    LIVE    |    FINALE



Swingardium Leviosa mockup    GARAGEBAND

I'd love to write this chart, and I think it will be a hit, and I'm pretty sure it will fit


CONSIDERING:  Tonight We Tango (2014)  STUDIO -- grade 2 version

Alfred is releasing this grade 2 chart. It's such a saucy tune -- I'm thinking of writing a grade 4 version...need to ask Alfred if it's cool


CONSIDERING:  City in the Window (2011)    LIVE

I really like this chart....I'm not sure if it will fit with concept.


CONSIDERING:  Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton ballad) —  no sound file yet...will be ballad vibe...I've got nice jazzy hirsch-harm.

I think this could be a lovely chart, and an effective palate cleanser on the record...but I'm not sure if it makes sense in the program...As an alternative "ballad", I'm wondering if a hymn would make sense?