All titles are available in beautiful printed editions and as PDF downloads. Rhythm sections parts are partially- or fully-notated, depending on difficulty level. Please click on a title for more information.



grade 3

Auld Lang Syne (New Year's swinger)  $52
Down at Dotty's (medium-slow F blues)  $40
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (Dorsey update)  $58
Silent Night (Christmas cappella)  $35
Thanks for the use of the hall (west coast cool)  $45
That Swingin' Birthday Song (gig insurance)  $52
The Weatherman's Dilemma (relaxed swing)  $52


grade 4

A Funky Thing Happened... (Matt Harris?)  $52
Catch Me if You Can! (frenzied chase)  $57
Chanukkah Joy (holiday jazz in 3)  $57
Fantasia on an Ellington Theme (it don't mean...)  $57
Free Food? (Calypso)  $57
Great Big Ball... (Brookmeyer-Mintzer? swinger)  $57
I'm Free (the Who, mambo style)  $60
Lifeblood (brisk Maria swing)  $57
Nebula (space music?)  $52
Play it Again, Sammy (Nestico, straight-ahead)  $57
Soaring (straight-eighth)  $57
Suspended (6/8 minimalism)  $57


grade 5

Aspire (joyful up waltz)  $57
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen a la big band)  $70
City in the Window (Kenny Garrett?)  $70
Ellie's New Groove (Mintzer-Avishai groove?)  $57
Manhunt (intense 16th-note vibe)  $57
Mirage (Saharan Indie Rock)  $70
Running Free (mixolydian swing)  $57