Hit It!

Let's take two looks at the same tune

As a blazing fast swing "double" blues

As a deep-pocketed 16th note funk

"That Cool Blue Light" / "Hit It!"

I remember sketching this one out a few minutes before I left the house for my then-steady trio gig at the then-new Bar Bleu.  Back before it gave in to local commercial pressures and became a sports bar.

Anyhow, I had a quick idea for a double-time minor blues built off a simple two-note riff.

The version on the left is the original, which eventually morphed into a 16th note funk joint as you'll hear in the second version (with different title).


Free Downloads

Help yourself to the transposed lead sheets and the mp3s.  (Remember, you can download the mp3s directly from the SoundCloud widgets above.)  Enjoy!


Premium Downloads

If you want something a little juicier for your group, you'll like the sextet version. My favorite part of it the Brecker-Brother-esque horn breakdown that you'll hear at about the 2:19 mark on the sextet recording above. I think it's worth buying this chart for this breakdown alone.

There are several options available for the different horn parts, and the rhythm section parts are notated as needed to help a less experienced player.







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