Sweetpea & Sunshine

bari - bass - drums / studio

alto - guitar - bass / live

"Sweetpea & Sunshine"

I named this in honor of my older two daughters back when they were 2 & 4 years old — and before they had a baby sister. (As of this writing, they're 16, 14, and 10!)

This is a lyrical waltz in a simple 16-bar AB structure. But, it has a nice "second ending" to use to wrap up solos and give a little more melodic unity throughout the greater form. 

It's very approachable for improvisation, with 8 bars each of F major & Ab major.

Incidentally, Sweetpea was recognized by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts with a generous and prestigious Fellowship in Jazz Composition.  (My tunes Mirage, Fantasia on an Ellington Theme, and Running Free also have this same distinction).


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Grab these lead sheets and give 'em a read-through with your coconspirators. As always, you'll find transpositions in the typical keys.







Posted on September 26, 2014 and filed under Jazz Combo / Lead Sheets.