Their Last Dance

alto sax & trumpet lead

bari sax lead

"(Their) Last Dance"

This is one of my newer tunes to work its way into my trio/quartet repertoire...sketched it out about a year ago when I was procrastinating at the keyboard.  

There's nothing like poking around the piano (or saxophone) and having something pretty good pop out, especially when it's not the thing you're really supposed to be working on at the time... 

In this AABC-structured ballad, you'll hear the alto and trumpet alternate segments, then do an extended vamp on the Coda.  This was from a concert at First Night State College 2013, with my regular quartet-mates Kevin Lowe (drums), Mac Himes (guitar), and Jeff Beck (bass). And we were joined by our friend, and trumpeter-extraordinaire Eddie Severn.


Free Downloads

Go ahead and grab these lead sheets, transposed as you'd expect for saxophones, trumpet, bass clef, etc. 







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