Free Food?

Sextet Version

Big Band version

Free Food? is a rollicking Calypso tune in C-minor.  I composed this tune in 2005 as part of a five-movement suite for big band, portraying a city park (Talleyrand Park) in Bellefonte, PA.  This tune paid homage to the fine-feathered (and fowl) denizens of Talleyrand.

Free Downloads

Please help yourself to the lead sheets (transposed for Eb, Bb, C, Bass Clef) and the mp3s (which you can download via the SoundCloud players above).

Premium Downloads

If you would like something more substantial than a lead sheet to use with your combo, you can purchase the SEXTET VERSION, which is scored for 3 horns and rhythm. The melody goes in and out of 3-part harmony, the form is extended a little bit, there's a nice ensemble chorus, and wraps up with a nice coda. 

It includes several optional horn parts, so you can mix and match depending on the players in your group. And, the rhythm section parts are notated (as needed) to help out less experienced players - but not get in the way of seasoned pros.

The BIG BAND VERSION is the original, has a ton of great ensemble material for all sections, and even features quacking in the trumpet section—finally, putting the back row to good use... ;-)   This chart has been a favorite of bands and audiences for several years, with recent performances by the Pennsylvania All-State Jazz Band (above) and at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic.




Posted on August 1, 2014 and filed under Jazz Combo / Lead Sheets.