Paquito y Claudio

I've been using Paquito with my quartet for a few years now.  

It's an upbeat, Summer-y feeling tune with a catchy melody. And it's got some pretty good—but not highly unusual—chord changes to sink your teeth into, inspired in part by Paquito's Estamos Ahi.

Free Downloads

Please help yourself to the lead sheets (transposed for Eb, Bb, C, Bass Clef) and the mp3.

Premium Downloads

If you would like something more substantial than a lead sheet to use with your combo, you can purchase the SEXTET VERSION, which is scored for 3 horns and rhythm. The melody is passed back-and-forth among the front line, it's harmonized in parts, and has a nice "shout" chorus trade with the drummer. The ending, of course, features Paquito's trademark Salt Peanuts tag to finish things off.  It includes several optional horn parts, so you can mix and match depending on the players in your group. And, the rhythm section parts are notated (as needed) to help out less experienced players - but not get in the way of seasoned pros.

And, if you happen to be involved with a SAXOPHONE QUARTET, you might enjoy the reimagined treatment of this tune, written about 3 years ago.  It's jazzy so far as sax quartet music goes, but it's probably leans a little more towards a crossover vein.





Posted on July 25, 2014 and filed under Jazz Combo / Lead Sheets.