Václav's Dream (excerpt)

"Václav's Dream excerpt"

This is an excerpt from a four-minute piece for unaccompanied saxophone, to be released in the coming months. (Sign up for my newsletter in the left margin if you'd like to be notified when it is published in full).

The Balkan influence comes from years of hanging out and performing with accordionist-extraordiare Alex Meixner. (Check him out. He's a baaaad boy.) Alex took me through the paces on all sorts of Slavic and Balkan music, forcing me to improvise in 11/16 and other delightful meters.

The Klezmer influence, which appears in the full version of this song, comes from my own Jewish heritage and upbringing.

Anyhow, you'll hear the performance was done on alto saxophone, but I actually wrote this on tenor. So, it works equally well on any member of the sax family.

Lastly, though this is an excerpt of a larger piece, I think it comes to a suitable close can work well as a self-contained piece of music. Especially if you do a nice rallentando at the end.

As always, the PDF and mp3 downloads are free. Please help yourself and enjoy!


UPDATE:  Dec 20, 2014

Full-length version is now available HERE.








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