Calypso Facto (again, but not)

"Calypso Facto"

Here's a jazz quartet interpretation of an original line with a Calypso-jazz feeling. In fact, this is the same tune as the piece posted lasted week, which was for unaccompanied saxophone.


Performance Notes & Suggestions

As you'll hear in the recording above, we don't treat this in a typical head-solos-head fashion. Rather, we use three essential structural elements: [1] the 24-melody (often played in unison), [2] the 8-bar chord progression at "C" (used for improvisational 'solos'), and [3] drum solos, used as an intro and interludes.

We freely shift between these structural elements, doing so on the fly at my direction (and my whim). This allows Calypso Facto to have a different structural arch at each performance.

Now we're talking about having some fun!


Free Downloads

Go ahead and grab the mp3 and PDFs above. As always, the lead-sheets are transposed for the usual instruments.

Now go have some fun!




Calypso This! (for solo saxophone)

Posted on October 31, 2014 and filed under Jazz Combo / Lead Sheets.