Better measure layout = better reading

Here's the first in a batch of screencasts I prepared for Greg Johnson, a fantastic saxophonist and composer now living in the Bay Area. When I made these for Greg, my intent was to share a few tricks that he can use to improve the readability of his big band charts (which you should check out here).

Greg has generously agreed to allow me to share these screencasts, knowing that they will be helpful to others, too.

We start by dealing the layout of measures on each line of music, trying to show the form and the phrasing as much as possible. This involves a few steps that will become second-nature after just a little bit of use.


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:37  Seeing the form helps the player keep his place. Four measures per line is often a good place to start.

1:04  How to use the Fit Music tool to fit four measures per line.

2:10  Forcing measures onto a single system using arrow keys and the Fit Music tool.

4:15  Eye-catching repeat brackets make it easier for player to keep her place.

6:45  When page-layout trumps measure and phrase layout.

7:25  How to adjust the number of systems on a page.

Posted on August 17, 2015 .