Am I permitted to print multiple copies of the PDFs I purchase?

Yes.  Print as many as you need for the purposes of your band.  


This is one of the reasons I offer the PDFs for sale - I like convenience as much as the next guy!

  • You want the members of your band to have 'practice copies' of their parts to work on at home?  Print 'em up!
  • You need extra scores to use at adjudication festivals?  Print 'em up!  
  • Your third trombone player left his folder on the roof of the car on the way to the gig?  Print 'em up!


Of course, I hope you will respect the fact that I earn my living by selling this music.  

And I ask you not to give away—or loan, for that matter—copies of this music to friends and colleagues.  I hope you'll do the right thing and encourage them to purchase their own copy.  If they need it ASAP, they can purchase the PDF Downloads and have the music they need almost instantly.