Unaccompanied Saxophone piece

I'm delighted to present my first published concert work for unaccompanied saxophone. Václav's Dream is a romp through an imagined Bulgarian-Romani-Klezmer soundscape.

Here's my performance of it from the 2014 New England Saxophone Symposium:

Posted on December 17, 2014 .

One-woman quartet in TX

I'm delighted to post these videos, performed by Theresa Morgan in Texas. She's a sincere hobbyist with a good ear, naturally expressive musicianship, and a strong emotional connection with music. She loves to record these videos for her friends and family.

First is her cover of my Silent Night arrangement. (More info here).


And here is her recording of the Josh Groban tune You Raise Me Up. I arranged this expressly for (all four of) her.

If you enjoy these, check out Theresa's YouTube channel.

If you have recordings of HirschMusic, I'd love to hear/see them. Contact me here and let me know. 


Posted on December 15, 2014 .

Paper, schmaper

Are you using an iPad or other tablet for your sheet music? Are you thinking about it? Are other members of your ensemble doing it?

If so, you should know that all HirschMusic titles are iPad-ready. When you purchase a PDF download you will receive a folder containing individual PDFs for each part & score in the set(s) of music you ordered. 

Here's why this is a game-changer:

  • If you're the conductor, you can put the score right in your PDF music organizer. 
  • If you're a performer, you can put your part in your PDF music organizer.
  • And if your bandmates also use an iPad (or similar tablet) you can email them their specific part(s) to put in their PDF music organizers.
  • No need to scan printed music.
  • No need to split apart a single PDF that contains every part & score.
  • You'll never lose a part again. I recommend storing your PDFs in a private DropBox (or similar cloud-based storage) for safe keeping.

Have you seen the app ForScore?  Here are some of its cool features:

  • Organize your setlists.
  • Mark up your part (yes, using its text editor you can enter notes to yourself). I think you may even be able to mark in corrections to the music.
  • Highlight road-map elements on your part: D.S., Coda, repeats.
  • Compatible with a wireless (bluetooth) foot-activated page turner.
  • I'm not representing this app in any way, but I've seen it in action and am thoroughly impressed with it. Here's the ForScore website.

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself some iPad-ready music!

Posted on December 11, 2014 .

This makes me happy 8-)

Studio video

Live gig

OK, I am aware that the music I write is performed all over the place: I just have to review my sales records to find out the locations of the kind people who purchase music downloads from this site.

But stumbling across this video absolutely makes my day. In it you'll see a Russian saxophone quartet play my arrangement of Let My People Go. 

Better yet: they've memorized their parts, added choreography, and have a great sense of humor with the whole thing.

I love it. Cпасибо, Sax Masters Quartet.  (According to google translate, that's the Russian word for thank you.  I hope Google Translate is correct!)

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