Hire Live Jazz in Central Pennsylvania

Based in State College near Penn State, we perform throughout the greater central part of the state.

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Do you need to jazz up your party?

Set the perfect mood with live jazz.

Live music that is lively - but not loud.  
Live music that is elegant - but not sleepy.  
Live music 
that your guests can tap their toes to, smile to, and even dance to - if they wish.

Are you having an intimate dinner party?
Or a lively bash with 200 of your closest friends?

Whether your event is big or small, boisterous or cozy, the entertainment you choose has got to be just right.

You need musicians who know how to play the room:  musicians who set just the right ambience at just the right volume.

The Hirsch Jazz Groups come in an assortment of sizes and configurations.  I'll help you find the best jazz group for your event's size, budget, and musical needs.

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Here are different configurations available:

  • DUO:  sax + piano / sax + bass
  • TRIO:  add bass, piano, or guitar
  • QUARTET:  add drums
  • QUINTET:  add 2nd horn
  • SEXTET:  add 3rd horn
  • We'll add a vocalist upon request

I will consult with you to determine the best fit for your event and budget.

People are talking...

"In a word: SPECTACULAR!" 

- Susan & Barry Evans (parents of bride / Atherton Hotel) 


"Everything...was simply fabulous; it was exactly how we had envisioned it." 

- Katie & Sean Hoffman (bride & groom / Toftrees)


"The range of music and depth of talent you have...is stupendous. Thanks for making the time great for all." 

- Perry & Jacque Babb (parents of bride / PSU H.U.B. Ballroom) 


"They [jazz trio] were simply perfect. It was exactly what I wanted and my guests loved them too." 

- Jessica Welles (bride / Gamble Mill Tavern)


"You deliver a great product at a fair price and...you are always cordial and professional." 

- Rick Bryant, Executive Director, Central PA Festival of the Arts

So, how much is this going to cost?

In a nutshell, give me a call.

This will give you a chance to decide if you'd like to work with me, and it will give me an opportunity to get a clear picture of your event.

Then I will be able to recommend a couple options, and give you accurate fee quotes for these options.


Here's the deal

There are many variables that affect the pricing, including:

  • number of musicians
  • duration of performance
  • location of event (if beyond State College)
  • day & date
  • nature of event

So, with all of these considerations, it's just easier to chat and then give you accurate fee quotes.


Here are some price ranges of recent events, at least to give you a ballpark idea

  • Jazz Trio, 1 or 2 hour cocktail reception, Nittany Lion Inn $425-500
  • Same event, in Lewisburg $425-600 (includes travel reimbursement to/from State College)
  • Jazz Duo, 2 hour dinner party, Gamble Mill $325-425
  • Same party, but with Jazz Quartet, $500-650
  • Jazz Quartet, 4 hour wedding reception, Toftrees $1100-1300 (includes emceeing)

Rick Hirsch 4 @ Zola New World Bistro (bassist Jeff Beck also pictured).  photo: Darren Weimert

Rick Hirsch 4 @ Zola New World Bistro (bassist Jeff Beck also pictured).  photo: Darren Weimert

About the Hirsch Jazz Groups

For the past 15 years I have booked jazz groups for over 1000 performances for concerts, festivals, restaurants, and entertaining at private events (dinners, cocktail parties, wedding receptions, etc).

We have performed at every major festival (Arts Fest, First Night State College, JazzPA, Central PA Friends of Jazz, etc.) and at every banquet facility (Penn Stater, Nittany Lion Inn, Toftrees, CHCC, Gamble Mill, Ramada, etc.) in the region.

The Hirsch Jazz Groups employ only the finest musicians in Central Pennsylvania, including Jeff Beck (bass), Bob Hart (bass and guitar), Bob Insko (bass), Jim Robinson (bass), Kevin Lowe (drums), Bobby Leidhecker (drums), Jim Schade (drums), Steve Rudolph (piano), Arthur Goldstein (piano), Billy Test (piano), Mac Himes (guitar), Tim Breon (guitar), Eddie Severn (trumpet), Dale Orris (trumpet), Rob Byham (trumpet), Barry Long (trumpet), Jay Vonada (trombone), Paul Leskowicz (trombone), Dan Weiner (trombone), Elizabeth Webb (vocals), Bethanne Burkholder (vocals), Tommy Wareham (vocals), and Rick Hirsch (saxophones),

I will be glad to help you line up the best jazz group for your event within (or close to) your budget.

CALL (814) 867-9935

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